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News for October 13, 2008

WarCraft IV In the Works? - Mr.Plow @ 6:57 AM, 10/13

According to several sources working from BlizzCon transcripts, during one of the development panels for Starcraft II one of the panelists made mention of Warcraft IV.

While discussing the unorthodox Starcraft II release plans, executive vice-president of game design for Blizzard, Rob Pardo let slip that the Warcraft IV campaigns would be released in the same episodic manner.

It's not much to go on, but this could be construed as a confirmation on Warcraft IV by Blizzard.

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News for March 19, 2008

Replica of Frostmourne on Sale! - Mr.Plow @ 6:26 AM, 03/19

Own your own Frostmourne!

With Wrath of the Lich King looming in the distance, Blizzard has partnered with with Epic Weapons to create a replica of Frostmourne. For any true fan of Prince Arthas or anyone who just likes to collect sweet (yet evil) swords then this is something to look into. Though with the steep $379 dollar price tag and limited availability it may be tough to get one of these so if you're a collector I'd suggest pre-ordering now.

The legendary rune blade Frostmourne was immortalized in Warcraft III, in which it was taken up by Prince Arthas Menethil, corrupting him and leading to his transformation into the Lich King. We've partnered with EPIC Weapons to create a limited edition replica of the blade in all its horrific glory. This artifact of ancient evil is over 47" long and 12.5" wide, weighing a massive 16 lbs., and is now available for pre-order.

Click here if you're interested in pre-ordering or would like to see some pictures of it.

As posted on TenTonHammer.


News for August 7, 2007

Registration Fixed! - Mr.Plow @ 11:25 PM, 08/07

We have corrected our user registration system, so you should be able to register and post your maps online once again!

There no longer exists any link between WarBoards and WC.org except for the few accounts that may have been able to move over previously, this is still our ideal system and one we will continue to work towards, but for now -- you should be free to register a new account on WC.org and continue submitting your War3 maps!


News for July 31, 2007

Starcraft.org Redesigned! - Mr.Plow @ 11:11 PM, 07/31

Our sister site, starcraft.org, has been completely overhauled graphically.

As always we would recommend you visit SC.org for all of your Starcraft needs, especially as its soon-to-come SC2 section grows with the new game on the horizon.


I would like to take this time to remind you all that Warcraft.org has been experiencing a rather lackluster several years and we apologize profusely for this. We are hard at work on delivering you a new, updated WC.org -- but until that time you are free to download the current maps hosted on our site.


News for March 8, 2007

Warcraft.org Registration - Mr.Plow @ 12:11 AM, 03/08

We know a lot of you have been having troubles registering on warcraft.org, as you'd usually register an account on our network forums, WarBoards.org, and then have an active account here. We recently discovered that this link was not functioning properly and are working to correct it, thank you for your patience and in the mean time please download some maps from our large database and explore some new adventures!


New WoW Milestone - Mr.Plow @ 12:08 AM, 03/08

As posted on the WoW Community Website:
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has established a new sales record for PC games, with approximately 3.5 million copies sold within its first month. Keeping pace with the expansion's sales, World of Warcraft's worldwide subscriber base now exceeds 8.5 million. You can read more about these achievements in our latest press release. We send our sincere thanks out to the players across the globe who have continued to help us bring Azeroth, and now Outland, to life, and we look forward to adding more great content to explore -- and seeing how the arena tournament plays out -- in the months ahead.


News for December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays! - Mr.Plow @ 5:53 AM, 12/24

From all of us at the ORG Network & Warcraft.org, we'd like to wish all of you a happy holiday season and the best of wishes for the coming year.

We always appreciate our visitors and the many efforts they contribute to keep this site running, without you guys we're just an empty shell. Thank you for your years of viewership and here's to many more!


News for October 24, 2006

Blizzard Delays Burning Crusade - Mr.Plow @ 7:59 PM, 10/24

Blizzard today announced that it has pushed back the release date for The Burning Crusade, the expansion to its World of Warcraft online role-playing game. Blizzard notes in an official forums post that by adding a few extra weeks to the development cycle of The Burning Crusade beyond its original target date, the company hopes to extend the closed beta test and further refine the new content that will ship with the expansion. "We appreciate the enthusiasm surrounding World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, and we're excited about putting the finishing touches on all of the new content," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We feel confident that the extra time spent polishing the game will result in the high-quality experience that our players expect and deserve."

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News for August 15, 2006

BC Update - Mr.Plow @ 6:59 AM, 08/15

Blizzard has posted with a summary of all the recent interviews and previews of their upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft.
Check out the links below for the latest information about World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. These new previews offer details on the upcoming PvP Arena System, information on new raid instances, descriptions of outdoor PvP objectives in Outland, and much more.


News for July 31, 2006

Burning Crusade Interview - Mr.Plow @ 7:20 AM, 07/31

German site WorldofWar.de managed to hookup with Blizzard's Frank Pierce earlier this week to get the low-down on the Burning Crusade in a new interview which covers numerous topics including talents, the recent class announcements, new content in the BC?and much more. Their sister site, WorldofWar.net have transcribed the audio interview for your reading pleasure?right here?and an MP3 download is also available on that page.

There is also an article in German from the WorldofWar.de guys which they have translated into bulleted points in English to highlight some of the cool new features you can expect.

There is also a stack of new BC shots available and you can vew all the new additions in their BC gallery, they span a few pages so click the next button at the bottom the page.

Thanks to Chase for the tip.


News for May 11, 2006

1.11 Preview! - Mr.Plow @ 1:40 AM, 05/11

WhatAboutPP.com has released a preview section for the upcoming 1.11 content patch.

Mage and Shaman talents, Naxxramas, tier 3 armor sets, and keyrings are on the horizon!


WC Movie Forthcoming - Mr.Plow @ 1:16 AM, 05/11

We missed this the other day, but Blizzard has announced in conjunction with Legendary Pictures, the people who brought us Batman Begins and shortly Superman Returns, are working together to bring a live-action film set in the WarCraft universe.

Exciting news, we'll see just how they are able to adapt the world/storyline to the silver screen. More information can be found in this press release.


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