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Warcraft.org Privacy Policy

Warcraft.org requires each account holder to provide and maintain a valid email address at all times. This address is used for verification of the account holder's identity, and for important one-time announcements. You may select at any time to hide or show your email address to the general public. Warcraft.org will never sell or share your email address with a third party without your prior consent and approval.

Warcraft.org does not collect any other personally identifiable information. Any information that you enter into a profile field is strictly optional and will be shared with all viewers of the site. Do not enter any information that you do not wish to make public.

Warcraft.org collects aggregate data about the browsing habits of visitors, such as the average time spent on a specific page. This aggregate data is completely anonymous.

Warcraft.org uses cookies to remember who you are, and a separate set of cookies to collect data about your naviation through the site. These tracking cookies do not contain any personally identifyable information, and are not tied to your account cookies.

It is our policy never to share any personal information about our site visitors with any third party. If there should ever be a reason that a third party would need access to personal data, you will be notified in an "opt-in" fashion. You will have the choice to actively accept the terms of the data sharing, or automatically decline.

This policy is subject to minor changes without prior notification. Major changes to our data policies will be announced by email or by an announcement on the front page and the login page of this site.